Setting Up a Grow Tent

Grow tents make the perfect environment that’s tailored to fit the grower’s planting needs. Grow tents can save money on electric bills, ward off pests, and create the perfect environment for growing plants. A proper grow tent setup will create an environment for the plants to thrive that is nutrient rich and free of pests. Creating the perfect environment for hydroponic plants will take a few supplies to get started.

Benefits of Grow Tents

Grow tents are setup to give plants the perfect environment necessary for growth and development. Conditions inside the grow tent are completely controlled by the grower, giving them the greatest control over plant environment. Setting up a grow tent for optimal plant conditions will give the grower largest plant growth and yield.

Grow tents are energy-efficient because they can make full use of efficient LED lights, ventilation fans and timers for all electrical components. Energy saved over the long run can work out to a significant margin. Ventilation fans work to circulate fresh carbon-dioxide rich air and give the plants the best atmospheric conditions to grow.

Pest control inside a grow tent is more manageable than outdoor and greenhouse growing setups. Less pests allow the grower to use only organic pest control or cut all chemical pest control measures.

The light and timer setup inside the grow tent gives the grower complete control over lighting. The grower can setup the perfect lighting conditions and feed their plants the optimal amount of light each day.

How to Choose a Grow Tent

Determine the size tent needed to fit the grow space. Ideal tents will have ventilation flaps for airflow and be 100% light-proof. Being impenetrable to light is important to containing the plant lights and giving the plants darkness to simulate a night cycle. Some examples of good grow tent material are heavy nylon or fabrics such as hemp canvas. Fire retardant material is a plus given that electronics and grow lights can often get hot.

Lighting Choices

Choose a light that is correctly sized for the grow tent. If a light is too small, there will be little to no vegetation growth and blooming. If a light is too large, the tent will heat and create an unfavorable environment. Consult an hydroponic growth expert for help choosing a light size for the specific grow tent setup.

Ventilation Fans & Filtration

Ventilation fans prevent mold buildup and supply the grow environment with fresh air. The air inside the tent should be refreshed at least 20 times per hour to support a constant supply of carbon dioxide and prevent mold. The total volume of the grow tent multiplied by 20 will give an idea of how powerful of a fan needed. Attaching a carbon filter to an exhaust fan will filter out any pollutants and make sure only clean air comes out of the tent.

Other Items & Accessories

Smaller items and accessories to complete the basic grow tent setup include:
• Power strips with surge protection
• Duct tape/clips
• Hangars for duct work & electrical wires
• Lighting timer
• Thermometer/temperature gauge
• Several feet of duct for air flow
• Soil suitable for plant species
• Basic tools set

The best way to properly set up a grow tent is to consult a hydroponic growth expert on what you’re growing, the environment you’ll set up the tent in, and how much space there is. Root Grow Bloom can supply a consultation in order for you to pick the proper items you’ll need to have a successful grow tent. You can call us at 407-647-4769 or write to us at While you can do research online, the best way to know what you need is to talk to an expert first.