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House & Garden’s Top Booster is an extremely powerful flowering stimulant which will amaze even the most experienced grower. By giving the plant the impression that the final phase of its life cycle has begun, Top Booster forces the plant to create flowers and fruits in order to ensure its survival. Plants then continue to form flowers and fruits for the remainder of the flowering period. The early triggering of the flowering period allows the plant more time to develop larger and more robust yields. The plant will continue to form fruits and flowers, but completely stop sending energy to the leaves.

Derived From: Phosphoric Acid Anhydride and Potassium Hydroxide

Ingredients Explained: Top Booster contains three main, active ingredients; potassium, phosphorus, and chelated iron. Phosphorus is essential to photosynthesis and the production of all oils, starches and sugars. Both a stress reducer as well as a maturation facilitator, phosphorus affects rapid growth while boosting flower and root development.Potassium aids in protein formation, photosynthesis, fruit/flower quality, and disease reduction. And iron aids in enzyme functions and transportation of electrons during photosynthesis and respiration. Iron aids in chlorophyll production as well as reduction and assimilation of nitrates and sulfates.

Application: Administer 5.7ml per gallon of feed water, for 2-3 feedings, for one week during the flowering period. Exact week of application will vary depending on the flowering cycle of your specific plant.

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