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Terpinator is an organic fertilizer that increases the concentration of terpinoids in aromatic plant oils. It works by enlarging the gland size and multiplying the amount of gland sites that produce terpenes on the surface area of the plant – resulting in an increase in dry weight as they build up. Terpinoids are unsaturated hydrocarbons in aromatic plant resins, which also act as natural preservatives and protectants.

Using Terpinator will not only enhance the genetics of your plant by bringing out the potency and aromatics, but it will also increase the shelf life or your harvest and deter pests as the plant grows. The Terpinator is going to bring out your plants’ full genetic potential!

Terpinator has a neutral PH of about 6 and should not affect your PPMs. This product can be used from veg all the way through flush. We recommend 15-30 ml/Gal for the last 4-6 weeks of flower, all the way through FLUSH! This product has been tested at very high concentrations with a large variety of nutrients and mediums – never with any results of burning or negative effects. Therefore, it can be used throughout the entire cycle of growth, while still doing its job.

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