Spectralux 4 ft 3000 K Warm T5 Lamps (4 pack)

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5000 Lumens
Warm Spectrum

T5 High output lamps have an extremely high lumen per watt rating 5000 lumens per lamp 54 watts=92.59 lumens/watt.
*Reference Point: an F40 cool white lamp: 1260 lumens per lamp 440 watts =31.5 lumens/watt

T5 Lamps have very low heat factor which allows the fixture to be hung very close to plant canopy, thus raising light levels.

Use all 6500 K Cool spectrum lamps for ideal vegitative growth.

Use an equal combonation of 6500 K Cool & 3000 K Warm spectrum Lamps for full term and Flowing.

*All our lamps have a 1 year warranty.


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Additional information

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