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Advanced Nutrients: SENSI GROW PART A 3 – 0 – 0
Advanced Nutrients: SENSI GROW PART B 2 – 2 – 6

If plants in vegetative growth phase are not properly fertilized, the quality and yield of your garden will be too low. Sensi Grow A & B is the quick, easy way to improve growth and quality of plants in vegetative growth phase. This easy to use two-part grow formula contains special ratios of premium ingredients like calcium, iron and zinc.

Sensi Grow has been thoroughly field tested and that field testing has produced a 2 part nutrient that gives consistent heavy yields. Extensive research (weekly tissue samples) has produced a product that has the exact and precise ratios of macronutrients and micronutrients. Sensi Grow uses nutrient components that are not found in any other 2 part Nutrients. Advanced Nutrients’ research and development team found that these additional components make an enormous difference on how your plants will bloom during the flowering cycle compared to the other 2 part nutrients that are available in today’s marketplace.

Note: This product is a 2-part A and B formula – you must use both A and B formulas together for proper performance.

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