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Multi-Purpose Insecticide & Repellent Concentrate. Safer BioNeem (Azadirachtin) acts as an insect growth regulator, killing insects before they molt to the next life stage. Controls a large number of pests on fruits, veggies and flowers. OMRI Listed for use in organic production. Makes over 5 gallons of natural insect spray.

BioNeem will not harm many beneficial insects such as honey bees and ladybugs that prey on undesirable insects. Without beneficial insects to control pest populations, plants are even more vulnerable to new infestations.

Shake well before using. Spray solutions should be used within 8 hours of mixing for maximum effectiveness. Do not store diluted spray solution for later use. Not for use in food handling areas.

BioNeem is most effective when applied 2-3 times at 7-10 day intervals. Application directly onto the target pest will increase efficacy. Time applications for early to mid morning or in the late afternoon.

Note: Neem-based products are derived from a natural source: an extract from seeds of the neem tree, a renewable resource. The neem tree is native to India, Africa and several other tropical countries.


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