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The Easy Home Gardening Kit includes four patented Rapid Grower™ containers designed to be filled with one cubic foot of soil in each. The Wizard Watering System mainline comes pre-drilled to plug in the four water Wands included in the kit. You’ll also find a ground cloth that will be helpful in keeping your garden area clear of tall grass and weeds. Nine Earth Staples are used to tack-down the ground cloth and hold the Wizard Watering System Mainline in place. Four Wizard Plugs are included to plug the pre-drilled holes in the Mainline, in case you decide to use less than the four Rapid Grower™ containers in your kit at one time. Gardening in a container couldn’t be easier because garden tools are not necessary to assemble your Easy Home Gardening Kit, and setup to begin growing a plant should take less than fifteen minutes.

Grow faster, safer, juicier and fresher tasting fruits, vegetables and herbs with the Easy Home Gardening Kit. Gardening in a container organically ensures your family’s safety and saves you hundreds of dollars in rising food costs. You’ll be amazed with the rapid results, and you’ll conserve water as well. The Wizard Watering System with Wands saturates the root zone with the correct amount of water and protects against over watering. The PlantWizard™ has designed this system to take the guess work of watering out of your hands so that you cannot overwater. This makes is easy to grow virtually any kind of plants. The Wizard Watering System with Wands puts the water where it matters~the roots.

The Rapid Grower™ was designed and patented by a professional nurseryman as a method and device for above-ground plant growth and root pruning. The Rapid Grower™ system was tested for years under the extreme climate conditions in South Florida producing overwhelming results. Using the Wizard Watering System with Wands, your plants will thrive no matter what soil you choose to use, be it native soil, common soil blends or even soil-less media. The Wizard Watering System with Wands reduces wasteful water runoff and keeps the soil evenly saturated.

The Rapid Grower™ is easily portable with our innovative handles that allow you to move your garden around or to relocate temporarily to a safe location if severe weather threatens. Expanding and aggressive roots are no problem for this amazing product. The Rapid Grower™ containers are rectangular when flat, but turn into a cylindrical container when filled with one cubic foot of soil. Their ground hugging bottoms reduce the potential of blow-over and keep your plants growing in the right direction. Each Rapid Grower™ can be used season after season for many years.

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