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The Plant Success family has launched ORCA, a liquid mycorrhizal inoculant. ORCA uses a new production method to create healthy, viable spores. Once germinated this beneficial fungus will increase your plants’ uptake of nutrients and water resulting in a higher yield and more flowering sites. With ORCA mycorrhizal fungus you will also offers protection for plants from transplant shock and drought stress. Most of the top nurseries and farms now use mycorrhizal fungus to increase yields and decrease fertilizer and water costs. This symbiotic relationship between host plant and fungus has existed since plants first colonized land 450 million years ago.

In addition to the mycorrhizal fungus 11 strains of beneficial bacteria were added, making ORCA a complete beneficial soil organism product. With these hard working bacteria strains in your root system you will see incredibly healthy roots. This also eliminates the need to buy 2 or 3 products to get a full spectrum biological inoculant.

The new state of the art process used to create the ORCA concentrates spores and maximizes their vitality and purity. It also allows the spores to stay in liquid suspension and maximize root colonization in a hydroponic setting. When combined with the beneficial bacteria ORCA product becomes helps create root growth and maximum yields. This easy to use product comes Plant Success.


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