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The #1 preferred propagating choice! Olivia’s Cloning Solution promotes vigorous, healthy growth and rapid root development for cuttings from all types of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Use daily with water to stimulate root development. 90-100% success rate. Mix 6 oz. per gallon of water and moisten rooting medium.

Combine with Olivia’s Gel for excellent results. Seals the cutting, reducing embolism and transplant shock. Easy to use, just cut, dip… and grow!

Cloning Basics:

  • Clones are by definition, “a group of genetically identical cells descended from a single common ancestor.
  • Cutting, or clonal propagation, is a highly efficient method of reproducing any plant type – yielding an exact genetic replica of the plant.
  • In clonal propagation, roots are induced from a portion of the stem, root, or leaf – an exciting alternative to growing plants from seed.
  • Clones can be taken from a favorite plant and by repeating the cloning procedure, you can grow the strain continually and indefinitely.

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