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Nirvana 100% Organic Bloom Biostimulant

Nirvana is a concentrated liquid organic that you can apply to leaves or roots. It contains powerful natural bloom enhancers from land, sea and deep earth, including vitamins, amino acids, humic acid, carbohydrates, minerals, growth enhancers, guano, seaweed extracts, and other exclusive crop-boosting organic materials. Nirvana combines special organics in an easy to use formula that flows smooth and has a nice aroma. These special organic extracts rev up your plants so they grow better and yield more, especially under high intensity lighting.

You can use it as a foliar spray that is immediately absorbed by the leaves. It can also be used in the root zone. It gives you concentrated organics without mess and without bad odors. Nirvana‘s rare extracts from yucca and saponaria trees channel nutrients and other growth factors quickly and directly into leaves, stems and roots.

Nirvana can be used in hydroponics, Aeroponics (with a filter sock), drip systems (with a filter sock), NFT, or other hydroponics systems. Nirvana brings a good organic taste to crops grown with synthetic nutrients. If you’re into 100% organic gardening, Nirvana is an important part of your feed program.

Nirvana can be used during all growth phases, from clone/seedling to final harvest.

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