Dewey Mister 14 Site Clone Machine

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Whether you are propagating from a seed or cloning a cutting this 14 site Cloner out performs any other of its size! There are a number of factors that set The Clone Master apart from the competition with a design for detail, sturdy construction and most importantly… it is powered by The Dewey Mister.

The Design

The element of simplicity and details of ergonomics will have you bragging to your friends. We start with a 2 gallon food grade bucket and top it with a specially designed 14 site sturdy lid that’s built to last. The lid is fitted to prevent leaks with a built in channel to allow the air tube to fit nicely with no crimping and no leaking. Each site on the lid is recesses and sized to fit a specially designed 1 3/8” DeweySert. Say good-bye to neoprene inserts and nasty net pots with entangled roots that make transplanting difficult. The MisterSert is made of flexible non-thabsorptive food grade material for easy cleaning and reuse. It seems so simple, but the experienced growers will understand that we have solved all the nagging issues with existing products in the marketplace.

The Engine

In case you haven’t already heard, The Dewey Mister is the most innovative product to hit the Aero/Hydro market in ages. This is the simplest and most effective mister on the market!

  • No water pump needed
  • No air stones
  • No more clogging (NO SPRAY NOZZELS)
  • No electrical pumps in water (Shock Hazard)
  • Built in Water Cooling effect
  • Less water
  • Less nutrient solution
  • More cost effective
  • Better air infusion
  • Faster cloning


Complete Kit

Just add water…and your roots will be popping in no time! The Clone Master comes as a complete kit with minor assembly required. Included is the Cloner with a 14 site lid, 14 1 3/8” MisterSerts, Tubing, The Dewey Mister, suction cups and an air pump. All you will need is seeds or cuttings, water and nutrients (if necessary). Oh and once your babies start booming, you are going to want to transplant them into one of our amazing growing Mister Machines!

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Additional information

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