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For all who want to get more flowers faster, Advanced Nutrients designed Bud Blood so you can jump-start the bloom cycle and quicken your harvest timing. Using Bud Blood when your plants are mature and big enough to support lush floral growth is like pushing a button and starting the bloom cycle exactly when you want to.

For most gardeners triggering flowering can take weeks. While you wait, you’re losing valuable time and your harvest is delayed. Using Bud Blood gives you the ability to get your plants to flower earlier. This formula safely causes plants to flower earlier so they have a longer time to pack dense, thick growth. After Bud Blood has triggered early flowering, it super-feeds your blooming plants so they direct their energy and resources into floral development.

As an added bonus, Bud Blood strengthens roots, allowing plants to take in more nutrients for increased floral production.

Key Point: Dissolve Bud Blood in a container of water before adding to the reservoir.

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