How to Prevent Odors in Your Grow Room

While the earthy and pungent scent of an outdoor garden can make for a memorable walk on a beautiful day, odors from your grow room can be annoying. While no one method is a panacea, here are a few tried and true approaches to getting your grow room back to a state of cleanliness.

Ozone Generators: The Power of Oxygen

Normal oxygen that we breathe everyday is made of two oxygen atoms that together make a stable oxygen molecule. Ozone has an additional oxygen atom that makes this molecule particularly unstable and reactive. Because of its reactivity, ozone can oxidize many different odorous chemicals which leads to their destruction and removes their scent. Although ozone is naturally produced in the atmosphere by ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and from lightning strikes, ozone generators use a small UV bulb to generate comparably low levels of ozone to neutralize odors.

Ozone generators can be a simple way to get rid of odors in your home, but there are some risks you should be aware of. First, UV radiation is harmful to both the eyes and skin, so make sure that any ozone generator you purchase has safety features to minimize your risk (e.g. an automatic shutoff when the cover is open). The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets a limit on ozone at 0.1 ppm for 8 hours. Although you probably don’t have equipment to measure ozone levels in your home, our noses are extremely sensitive to ozone and can detect it at levels below the OSHA exposure limit. If you smell ozone or notice physical discomfort when using an ozone generator, make sure your rooms are well ventilated and consider using a timer to minimize the total ozone you’re using.

Carbon Filters: The Power of Carbon

Activated carbon is a special form of carbon that is processed to have a large surface area. Because of its high surface area to weight ratio, a small amount of activated carbon can absorb and trap an appreciable amount of odor causing chemicals. Air is pumped through an activated carbon filter and odors are removed.

Although activated carbon can trap many different odors, after the carbon is saturated, you will have to purchase new carbon cartridges. Depending on the size of your grow room, you may need to replace your filter more frequently. If your grow room already has a ventilation system it can be very simple to add an in-line carbon filter, or you can use a pump or fan to force air through a filter in your grow room.

Odor Neutralizing Agents: The Power of Essential Oils

Odor Neutralizing Agents (ONA) don’t destroy or remove odorous compounds, but they use a blend of essential oils to neutralize the offending smells. ONA products are disbursed into the air by a humidifier or misting system, then bind to and isolate smells. A range of ONA products are available ranging from nearly odorless to those that add a pleasant scent to your grow room.