Micronutrients That Keep Your Plants Healthy

Healthy plants require nutrients, much like humans need vitamins and minerals. The primary elements that plants need are oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, which come from the soil and air. Macronutrients are elements that plants need, just in smaller quantities. When gardening, watch your plants for signs of macronutrient deficiency.
This element is necessary […]

3 Ways to Treat Spider Mites

For many gardeners, spider mites are a constant frustration that attack plants. A spider mite is an arachnid in the spider family. They are extremely small yellow, black, brown, red or orange creatures which gardeners may need a magnifying glass to see properly. Another way to see if they are […]

Tips for Taking Plant Cuttings

What is Plant Cloning?
Unlike propagating plants by seed, a form of sexual reproduction, you can reproduce seeds asexually by taking cuttings and cloning them. Cloning is cutting a growing branch tip and rooting it. When you root the cutting of an existing plant, an exact genetic match of the plant […]

Setting Up a Grow Tent

Grow tents make the perfect environment that’s tailored to fit the grower’s planting needs. Grow tents can save money on electric bills, ward off pests, and create the perfect environment for growing plants. A proper grow tent setup will create an environment for the plants to thrive that is nutrient […]

How to Prevent Root Rot

Root rot is a disease of both houseplants and outdoor plants. It happens when the plant has to stand in soil that does not drain well. This leaves the soil wet and encourages pathogens which attack the plant’s roots. When the roots are infected, they can’t get the proper nourishment […]