Root Grow Bloom has been the go-to garden shop in the Central Florida area for more than 20 years.

Our goal and vision is to root, grow and bloom relationships with our customers by providing you with an experienced, knowledgeable and professional team of experts and offering a variety of hydroponic, organic gardening systems and equipment. It’s thanks to our loyal customers that we have become a staple in Florida’s organic and hydroponic gardening community.

There’s always something new to the hydroponic market to help you get better results while growing indoors. And we try them all. We can tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t.


Our Team

At Root Grow Bloom, our products are just as important as our team.  With products, you have the tools that you need; with our team, you have the knowledge that is required.

Our team combined offers over 50 years of hydroponic and organic gardening experience.  Each team member is an expert in the field.  Being passionate about all things indoor gardening is vital and can help you with getting started and approaching hydroponics through intelligent solutions. They’ll show you how to streamline, upgrade and improve your indoor garden.

Through our company lifespan, we have learned that anticipating change and being ahead of the curve is key to happy customers.

Our Customers

Our commitment is in the needs of our customers.  We are committed to providing you with top of the line products, the most to date knowledge and a seven-day-a-week operation.  We are here for you.